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2022 Congress Meeting in Prague

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on June 21, 2022 at 8:54:49 am

Cataloguing and Metadata Section at the 2022 Congress Meeting in Prague

Thursday, 28 July 2022, 9.00-10.30

Friday, 29 July 2022, 11.00-12.30


Conference Registration: https://www.iaml2022.cz/registration/online-registration-form

Congress Programme: https://www.iaml2022.cz/programme/conference-program 


Zoom: I will try to accommodate remote participation using my personal computer at the meeting space. Check back here on 28 July for the Zoom link. 



In Attendance: 


Approval of Agenda



Reports from the Section Officers

  • Kimmy Szeto - overview of the section's activities in the past year
  • Chris Holden - Linked Data Study Group proposal
  • Kyla Jemison - Past conference materials on section website
  • Maria Aslanidi - Permanent UNIMARC Committee (see report below); Music Cataloguing Project Group proposal

ISBD review: 


  • Kimmy 


  • Maria

Metadata Standards: 

  • Kimmy: Performed Music Ontology 

  • Chris: music vocabularies

  • Kyla: LD4 affinity group (see below)

  • Open discussion 


Old Business

Joint session

  • Took place on 25 and 29 March 2022, co-hosted by the Cataloguing and Metadata Section, the Broadcast and Orchestra Libraries Section, and the Libraries at Music Teaching Institutions Section.
  • Programme and recordings are available here.
  • Other suggestions for future joint sessions? 

Section website

Information on cataloguing from the Section website

  • The proposal for the Project Group "Annotated Exemplars of Music Cataloguing with RDA/LRM in UNIMARC" is being considered at the General Assembly.
  • Publication format 

Section communication (email list, pbworks, social media, etc.)

  • We will continue to use this PBWorks wiki. Official records and documents will be archived per IAML guidelines. Comments welcomed.

New Business

Any new business?

  • Section elections: The appointment of Kimmy Szeto as IAML Treasurer was approved by the General Assembly in the 2021 Congress. His term as Treasurer begins after the 2022 Congress, and he has decided to step down as chair of this section. The present vice-chair Christopher Holden is a candidate for the post as chair. If Chris Holden is elected as chair, there will also be an election for vice-chair.
  • Nominations for both section chair and vice-chair: please send nominations to IAML Secretary General Anders Cato <secretary@iaml.info>. Self nominations are welcome. (See: 11 May email from Anders Cato on IAML-L)
    • Nominations received (as of 18 May): Chair: Christopher Holden ; Vice-Chair: Maria Aslanidi 

Next Meeting


  • mid-year meeting?







Permanent UNIMARC Committee

Submitted by Maria Aslanidi



LD4 affinity group

Submitted by Kyla Jemison


The LD4 Wikidata Affinity Group is an open cooperative group that organizes presentations on topics related to Wikidata and libraries and hosts working hours for Wikidata and Wikibase. The group’s goals include providing a welcoming, collaborative, and supportive space to discuss Wikidata related topics; gaining a basic understanding of Wikidata in the context of the Wiki community and its norms; inviting and encouraging participation from a variety of institutions and projects, including academic and public libraries, archives, and communities, to ensure different perspectives are shared and needs identified; and documenting and sharing work with the Wikidata community where it will be open for reuse and feedback. Many participants in this group were part of the PCC Wikidata Pilot, an group of PCC libraries interested in trying out Wikidata during the pandemic.


I am part of the affinity group’s coordination team, which is always open to new volunteers, so please let me know if anyone is interested. We meet monthly on Zoom to ensure we have speakers lined up for the LD4 Wikidata Affinity Group Calls and to plan projects and activities for the working hours and longer-term projects.


For myself, participating in the coordination group is an opportunity to connect with colleagues at other institutions who are interested in linked data in libraries. Participating in the calls and working hours allows me to learn about other libraries’ Wikidata practices and develop my own Wikidata skills that I can then share with colleagues at my institution. We have not been doing much with linked data, though we see that it is going to be an important part of metadata work in libraries in the future, and Wikidata has offered an easy way to begin learning how it works. The Affinity Group presentations have demonstrated some projects that are very possible for academic libraries to implement – describing local university faculty, departments, buildings, library collections, and archival collections in Wikidata, to name a few – and have been inspiring and useful for our library in our own explorations of Wikidata.


There has not been much discussion about music metadata in Wikidata as part of this group, though I know there is interest – several people involved come from a music background, and music is a fun and complicated type of thing to describe in Wikidata. If anyone would be interested in presenting to the group, or organizing a working hour (where someone provides a project and instructions and usually a spreadsheet of data, and participants help add that data to Wikidata), please reach out to myself (kyla.jemison@utoronto.ca) or any other member of the coordination team.




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