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2019 Krakow meeting agenda

Page history last edited by Isabelle Gauchet Doris / MMC 4 years, 11 months ago

July 18, 2019. Attendees: Frederic Lemmers (Royal Library of Belgium), Chris Holden (Library of Congress), Kimmy Szeto (City University of New York), Eric van Balkum (Sheet Music Archive, Dutch Radio), Chuck Peters (Indiana University), Petra Wagenknecht (Universität der Künste Berlin), Michal Studničný (National Museum, Czech Museum of Music), Anders Cato (Danish Agency for Culture and Palaces)

July 19, 2019 

Attendees: Frederic Lemmers (Royal Library of Belgium), Chris Holden (Library of Congress), Kimmy Szeto (City University of New York), Jantien Dubbeldam (ArtEZ Netherlands), Paula Quint (Nederlands Muziek Institut), Chuck Peters (Indiana University), Mari Itoh (Aichi Shukutoku University), Luuk Hoekstra (Codarts Rotterdam), Jeff Lyon (Brigham Young University), Michal Studničný (National Museum, Czech Museum of Music)


  1. RISM-C project and the participation of the Cataloguing and Metadata Section
    1. To be discussed on Friday when Jennifer Ward from RISM will attend. 
    2. The project is to describe institutions that hold music. Previously, an archival standard ISDIAH (International Standard for Describing Institutions with Archival Holdings) was used, and mapped to MARC but not very well. Proposal to be voted on today: develop guidelines to describe these institutions. Main actors: RISM working group in Greece, RISM Frankfurt office, and IAML Archives Section. Will also involve the Publications Section and the Cataloguing and Metadata Section. They will be using the MARC Authority Format (rather than the MARC Community Format) to describe these institutions, and might look into creating new MARC fields in order to do this. Initial term of 3 years: 2019-2022. The first year is review of current guidelines, in which they will specifically look at the format for authority files, evaluate that, and see if anything is missing. Questions to us will probably come after. 
    3. Cataloguing and Metadata Section: consulting / advisory role. Example: review proposals for new MARC fields.  

     2. Medium of Performance Vocabularies Mapping Project (report by Kimmy Szeto)

    1. Linked data publishing: Mapping is complete. However, the project is stuck in the last step: The Open Metadata Registry has been frozen by IFLA. Gordon Dunsire has been responsive but has no good news for at least 6 months. Who can help with locating other contacts at IFLA? 
      1. Frederic: what about hosting by IAML? Eric van Balkum (Belgium): perhaps in our host server?  
    2. Isabelle Gauchet Doris: (Question 1) Database hosting for UNIMARC medium of performance codes. Massimo is not here. We don't know what the future is. How do we find out where we can find help? Massimo so far has been doing this himself, but now it is the time to request technical support from IAML. 
      1. These are technically IFLA codes, even though IFLA assigned responsibility to IAML. Perhaps we should talk to IFLA about hosting responsibilities? In addition to the medium of performance codes, there are also the musical form codes as well. 
    3. Petra Wagenknecht: medium of performance is heavily used for tying to persistent identifier.  However, doubling and alternative labels (other languages) are not allowed an identifier. Solution? Change the system so identifiers are allowed. Technical and systems work may be necessary.Frederic suggests pursuing this through the German organizations in charge of defining these fields.
    4. Discussion: In Germany, GND is used for work authority (mostly classical music). What about using ISWC (for works)?
    5. Petra Wagenknecht: impromptu demonstration of discovering linked data in the DNB catalogue: we searched Mozart konzerte horn, and clicked on http://d-nb.info/gnd/300108745. The medium of performance is: http://d-nb.info/gnd/4160662-0
    6. Isabelle Gauchet Doris: Her second question, regarding whether the 146 field (medium of performance) can be validated for use in UNIMARC-A (authority records).  We don't see why not. The primary question is still finding a persistent contact at IFLA. (See number 6 below.)
  1. Updates to beta RDA Toolkit
    1. Chris Holden: New RDA Toolkit has been published in "stable form" in English. Translation work has begun. The official start date has not been set. When it is announced, it will most likely be a one-year transition period.
    2. Petra Wagenknecht: German translation started, training will begin mid-2020. 
  2. Updates to the Performed Music Ontology (PMO) (report by Nancy Lorimer via email):
    1. PMO has been published http://performedmusicontology.org/
    2. PMO will be tested on a new linked data editor in Sinopia https://sinopia.io/
    3. The larger project is called LD4P (Linked Data for Production): https://wiki.duraspace.org/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=74515029 ;
    4. The parents of the larger project is called LD4L (Linked Data for Libraries): https://www.ld4l.org/ 
  3. Updates to ISBD revision (report by Chris Holden):
    1. Currently heavily focused on monographs, but now aims to broaden to music, manuscripts, etc.
    2. Align with LRM
    3. Draft to appear in 2020 (Massimo is leading the editorial group), at which time we can discuss. 
    4. Punctuation rules will be separate for data input and data display.
    5. Instructions in two sections: general instructions for description ; instructions for LRM alignment 
    6. There will be a larger variety of examples, both in terms of types of resources and languages/scripts. 

       6. IAML's relationship with IFLA

    1. Anders Cato is the chair of the IFLA linked data technical committee, as well as IAML's contact at IFLA.
    2. Officially, someone on the IAML board becomes the representative at IFLA. Right now, it is Anders Cato.  

       7. Reviewing the terms of reference for the section/Updating the IAML website

    1. Web page in question: https://www.iaml.info/cataloguing-metadata-section
    2. Most of the information about the section is published on PBWorks, rather than the IAML site. Do we want to keep things on PBWorks or perhaps put these things on the IAML site? We like the discussion function in the Wiki, but we also want more visibility.
    3. We will add the link to PBWorks on the IAML webpage, and perhaps also publish the agenda and notes from the meetings.
    4. An idea to create a page aggregating resources and information on music cataloging. There are a lot of resources and vocabularies out there and not everyone necessarily knows where to look.  

      8. Future cataloging programs/Future elections for the section

    1. Eric: overview of subject, thesaurus, data spaces ... that are interesting for people working with creating linked data. Sources that can be used to enrich catalog and improve standardization. Frédéric: also overview of tools as well. Chris: There are national information (example: https://www.musiclibraryassoc.org/mpage/cmc_meta_resources), but international aggregation seems to be lacking. Frederic: we will ask for member participation, and create an external page.  
    2. Kimmy Szeto: There exist many isolated thesauruses of musical instruments / medium of performance. We dream of making bridges between them all. But let's try to thinking about what the starting steps are.
    3. Chris Holden: ISBD - use of new ISBD as applied to RDA. Starts 2020 (?)
    4. Jantien Dubbeldam: Music teaching institution. Recently joined OCLC. Import records for their holdings. New to this international sharing system. Has many new items to contribute. Somewhat overwhelmed by MOUG. Wondering what's to do as a new member / novice to the process.  
    5. Paula Quint: Works in a system called GGC. Derives records from WorldCat. A lot of original cataloguing of manuscript and printed music. Would like to see one standard of cataloging music, even within the Netherlands. Usually ISBD is used, not MARC21. Connection between cataloguing libraries would be useful. The national library in the Netherlands should be responsible for standards, but it is not concerned with music. Frédéric: Any mandate or delegation to another institution? No. Chris: new ISBD will be translated. Questions can go to listserv or Music Librarians Facebook page. Frédéric: we can even include a session in the 2020 programme to address these concerns.  
    6. Mari Itoh: wants to add Japanese label to the medium of performance list.
    7. Lynnsey Weissenberger and Yun Fan Henshaw: want to connect Irish instrument vocabulary and Chinese instruments.  
  1. Conducting work in between IAML Meetings - joining the PBWorks Wiki.
    1. Frédéric and Kimmy have been adding access for new members. 



Most of the information about the section is published on PBWorks, rather than the IAML site. Do we want to keep things on PBWorks or perhaps put these things on the IAML site?

Comments (6)

Isabelle Gauchet Doris / MMC said

at 6:57 am on Jul 17, 2019

Sorry not to be in Krakow and to miss the IAML conference this year.
I sent a mail on 11 April 2019 to the officers of the C&M Section with 2 questions:
1/ Concerning the future of the Medium of Performance repository maintained by IAML
This repository has been designed for Unimarc 146 - Performance Distribution, but it is used beyond this framework. The maintenance of code lists and terms has been officially entrusted to IAML by IFLA (https://www.iaml.info/unimarc-field-146-medium-performance).
The future of this repository is a real question: will AIBM continue to maintain it? How will the necessary changes be managed?
This is an important issue and I hope it will be discussed during the meeting of the Section.
2/ Concerning the 146 Unimarc zone
The 146 zone has already been validated by IFLA for Unimarc-B but it has been put on hold for Unimarc-A.
Is there now a project equivalent to 146 for the level of work or expression?

Thank you for your attention.

Isabelle Gauchet Doris
Cdmc Paris

Isabelle Gauchet Doris / MMC said

at 11:04 am on Jul 29, 2019

Thank you for relaying my questions.
Concerning the "Medium of Performance" issue (cf. 2/), a lot of work has already been done:
IAML database - http://www.urfm.braidense.it/risorse/medium_query_en.php?Ricarica=bho eg.
The Open Metadata Registry - http://metadataregistry.org/concept/show/id/7170.html eg.
DNB Katalog - http://d-nb.info/gnd/4160662-0 eg.

I think it is important to start from what has been done to go further. IFLA should pilote the work, even if it requires IAML Cataloguing and Metadata Section for help.

Massimo Gentili-Tedeschi said

at 12:28 pm on Jul 29, 2019

Dear all,
sorry for being silent and for skipping the IAML congress. I am retired, but so full of remaining work that I have little time to think to imprtant issues.
Just a few comments:
- concerning the website that hosts the UNIMARC music vocabularies, for the moment there are no urgent technical problems, if it is not possible toimmediately migrate it somewhere else. Instead, there is a lot to do to update terms and codes; it is advisable to establish a new liaison with the Permanent UNIMARC Committee, do yu need contacts at the PUC? And, at URFM in Milano, Attilio Rossi has no technical skills, but he is trying to help. His email is attilio.rossi@beniculturali.it.
Mari, Japanese? Ready, if you wish, I may give you access and instructions for the translation of existing terms (there are already some, both transliterated and not)!
Concerning IFLA signing the contract with MMA, I had a meeting with the Committee on Standards last week, it seems there is some progress, but it I will believe that when I will see a signed contract. I will let you know.
This year the revision of ISBD has started. I will chair the ISBD Review Group for about one more month, then my mandate as a member will end. Any volunteer to become the IAML liaison?
Isabelle, 146 is valid for both U/A and U/B. A new online edition of the UNIMARC manual is ongoing, but you may see all updates at https://www.ifla.org/publications/33
All the best

Chris Holden said

at 1:47 pm on Jul 29, 2019

Hi Massimo,
Thanks for the updates, and congratulations on retirement.

I am to be the new IAML liaison for the ISBD project, and we had some communication earlier in the year about this. I have been added as a member of the ISBD Review Group wiki, but please do let me know if there have been any major updates that have happened outside that wiki.


Massimo Gentili-Tedeschi said

at 2:53 am on Jul 30, 2019

Dear Chris,
I have added your name to the mailing list of the RG, so that you can receive all what is discussed, but we have to follow a formal process: the Review Group has to approve your name as the liaison; may you please send me by email a sentence of your role in LOC and IAML?
Thus I send a mail to the group, and in just a week we can nominate you as the new liaison, starting just from the IFLA conference, within one month.
BTW, I am the chair of the RG, but the Editorial Group chair is Elena Escolano Rodriguez, Madrid, library of the Ministry of Defence, long-standing member of the RG; other members are Rehab Ouf, Biblioteca Alexandrina, Renate Behrens, DNB Frankfurt a.M., Mirna Willer (Croatia), and Dorothy McGarry (UCLA)

Isabelle Gauchet Doris / MMC said

at 12:49 pm on Jul 29, 2019

Hi Massimo, glad to hear from you!
Thanks for your comments and informations.
Due to important changes in my institution very soon, I'm not volunteer to become the IAML liaison.
All the best,

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