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2016 November Officers Meeting - Notes

Page history last edited by Joseph Hafner 7 years, 5 months ago

IAML Cataloguing "Commission" - Name change

Officers Meeting

with invited guests: ISBD Sub-Commission and UNIMARC Sub-Commission Chairs

30 November 2016

9:00 EST

15:00 CET


Attendees: Anders, Daniel, Isabelle, Joseph, Massimo

  1. Approval of agenda
    The agenda was approved.

  2. Cataloguing Commission Meetings in Riga, Latvia - 2017 Meetings and Agendas Riga

    1. Asking for written reports for the "reports from around the world" 
      It was decided that we ask for written reports from the national branches to give space for other more urgent matters at the actual meeting.

    2. Cataloguing Section meetings.
      It was also decided to have one working meeting (with subcommittees) plus one business meeting, just like this year, which turned out to be very fruitful.
      Joseph pointed out that we will have one less conference day next year due to the Latvian Midsummer holiday on the Friday. That means that we will really need to try and tighten the schedule as much as possible.

      It was also proposed that we take some of the most interesting proposals for presentations and try to get them into an open program, not limited to section members.  At least two issues came up that might be suitable for such a treatment:

      1. IFLA-LRM standard (the consolidated FRBR models that will be published later in 2017). Massimo is prepared to give a presentation on that issue since he is in the IFLA Working Group as well. Massimo will send Rupert a short summary of his intended presentation within the next few days.


      2. Canadian Linked Data project.
        Joseph and Daniel had thoughts of presenting a very interesting Canadian linked data project. Joseph will talk to Rupert about that.


        One more presentation should be found, but Joseph thought that maybe Rupert has something more received that we could use.


4. Unimarc: matters for discussion for now or in Riga

Maintenance of controlled vocabularies

PUC meeting (Spring 2017), state of music-related proposed fields:

U/A 223 (and related), Character

U/A 146, Medium of performance (to be discussed at PUC)


5. ISBD: matters for discussion for now or in Riga

There will be matters to discuss relating to the alignment of the ISBD model with the IFLA-LRM one (work starting January 2017).


6. Planning our next Officers and Chairs meeting.

Next meeting is scheduled for February 2017.
Anders will send out a Doodle. For that meeting we will try hard to see to it that everyone uses the same conference call platform. 


7. Other business

Officers positions - Chair, Vice-Chair and Secretary positions are all open to be filled in Riga. New people should be encouraged for all of these positions, because a couple or all of us will not renew our roles.



  • Joseph let Rupert know that we'll have two meetings:
    • Business Meeting
    • Working Meeting
  • Joseph will present in an open session: Canadian Linked Data Initiative
  • Massimo will present in an open session: Latest news! IFLA LRM's impact on cataloguing


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